Which sports is best for height growth

Which sport helps to increase height quickly and effectively? If you are looking to improve your height,Which sports is best for height growth Articles don’t miss out on the height sports we have compiled below.

In addition to nutrition, sleep, exercise is also one of the factors that have a great impact on the child’s height development. While all sports are healthy, not all sports are good for height. So which sport supports to increase height effectively, mothers need to learn carefully to encourage their children to practice every day.


How does playing sport affect height?

According to scientific studies, the level of physical activity is an important determinant of the bone formation reaction, namely the process of building bone from cartilage. This process helps the bones to lengthen to increase height.

During pre-puberty and puberty, playing intense sports is good for bone formation from this cartilage, making long bones such as the femur, lower legs and vertebrae thrive strong.

At the same time, contributing to enhancing bone density, minerals accumulate on the surface around bones to help develop bone width to reduce the risk of osteoporosis related fractures.

In addition, sports training also improves muscle strength, flexibility, limb coordination and balance, limits falls, affects the development of bones.

In addition, playing sports properly Situs Gacor is also very good for the health of children, enhancing the regulation of the endocrine system, including pituitary and thyroid. Thanks to that, the endocrine system secretes growth hormone GH, stimulates the growth of bone cells, increases bone length, develops maximum height.

How to play sports to increase the best height

When playing sports, to be able to effectively improve height, you need to pay attention to avoid excessive exercise. First time should play 3 times / week then gradually increase the time to play to get used to the body. Avoid exercise, exercise too much to avoid injury as well as help the muscles recover after the movement

Some sports help increase height effectively

Playing sports plays an important role in the height development in children, especially puberty . So every day, mothers should encourage children to spend about 30 minutes to 1 hour practicing.

If your child is a quiet, quiet person, you can choose exercises that help stretch the limbs and tissue in the body such as yoga, jogging, jumping rope, swinging … to practice. check out all new sporting goods from


Yoga is an exercise that brings a lot of benefits to both the fitness and health of the practitioner. This is a top notch sport that helps the practitioner relax the mind and be able to perceive every movement around. In addition, this subject is also very effective in promoting height gain.

Yoga exercises will specifically impact on each part, helping the body to be firmer and the bones to be stronger. At the same time, it has a strong impact on cells and hormones, facilitates healthy development, actively supports physical growth, especially height.

Some yoga exercises are good for the height development of the body such as: yoga posture, standing on shoulder, camel posture, sitting bent forward

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